Easy to Learn, yet Endlessly Challenging

Tai Chi is a now widely recognized as a graceful form of exercise that provides numerous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits to a person’s overall health.

Develop Strength & Flexibility 
Improve Balance & Coordination
Relieve Stress & Enhance Mood

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2018 World Tai Chi Day
In the Anthem Community Park

About Tai Chi

What once began as an obscure martial arts system, Tai Chi has now become a popular exercise, often practiced in parks and recreation centers in the in early morning.

Yang Style Tai Chi is the most popular style in the world, and is characterized by the circular, flowing movements and relaxed postures. Part of the popularly is that people of any age, physical ability and different levels of experience benefit.

Tai Chi History

Medicine in Motion

The Harvard Health Publications recently called Tai Chi "Medicine in Motion" because of it's numerous reported health benefits. Recent laboratory research and clinical trials have show that regular tai chi exercise can:

Increase Balance
Relieve Stress

Improve Mental Focus
Lower Cholesterol
Elevate Blood Flow
Relieve Insomnia

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