How do I learn Tai Chi?


Tai Chi is learned by practicing the basic movements for the hands, feet, waist, body as you complete the first set. Each class builds progressively on the skills, moves and stances discussed and demonstrated by the instructor.

Tai Chi is practiced at a slow, even pace to develop leg strength and balance. The breath is regulated which helps you center and reduce stress.

Classes start at 8:00 with introductions followed by a warm up and light stretching. We then begin focusing on the stances and movements of the form. Class attire is casual, and comfortable, loose clothing and flat shoes are recommended.

What Benefits Come from Tai Chi?

Tai chi can increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and tendons, improve balance and posture as you go through each part of the choreographed set. The gentle movements will help you feel calmer, more balanced, and more energized. Many people report improvements in the symptoms of arthritis, high blood pressure and other health related illnesses. This combination of physical and mental activity works to harmonize the body, mind, body and spirit and promotes feelings of well being.


    What Does it Cost?

    Monthly fees are $67 per month for Anthem residents. Non-Anthem members pay an additional fee. Want to try a class?  Drop-in Rates are $12 per class.  Please call 623-742-6000 for more information.

    What Should I Wear?

    Clothing should be loose and allow for a range of motion. It is recommended that you wear shoes that have a flat sole, as most shoes with supports will alter your posture in the form.


    Are There Videos I can Watch?

    We provide videos of the set for you to review outside of class. The videos will help you to remember a particular sequence, but can’t replace the feedback and assistance you will receive in class.

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    Who is the Instructor?

    Dan Kimball is the instructor for both the beginning and advanced classes. He has been practicing Kung Fu since 2008, and Tai Chi since 2011. He attends his own training and workshops to continue to improve and refine his practice.

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    What Happens After I learn the First Set?

    Learning Tai Chi is a process that improves and just gets better the more you practice. Joining the intermediate/advanced class offers you the opportunity to review what you have learned, improve and correct your form. We then turn our focus towards breath control, Qigong, as well as the philosophy and application behind the moves.

    Are There Other Opportunities to Practice?

    When the weather is nice, we meet at the Anthem Community Park on Saturday at 8AM. Anyone is invited to join. Please join our Facebook and Newsletter to stay up-to-date about when we are meeting. This is also a way to keep abreast on related upcoming Tai Chi or related events.

    What is the History of Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun?

    The origins of Tai Chi are mixed with both history and legend. Yang Lu-Chan is said to have developed the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan seen today.

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