Breathing Practices to Boost your Health NOW

In the quick two-minute video below, Dr. Belisa Vranich explains the health benefits of diaphragmatic breathing. This is one of the most effective explanations we've come across. Among the other health benefits, Dr. Vranich explains how belly-breathing can improve lower back health, reduce acid reflux, and promote a healthy gut.

According to Dr. Vranich, "Your body listens to the way you breathe and changes immediately." We all know this to be true - this is yet another reminder that if we change our breathing, we change the quality of our life.

For a much deeper dive and a handful of excellent breathing exercises to work into your daily practice, try Dr. Vranich's book, Breathe.

Here are a few reasons we appreciate this book: She offers an explanation for your "fussy brain" so it understands the need to reprogram your physiology to breathe a different way. This kind of physical change is EASY - anyone can do it - but at the same time it's NOT EASY - it can be very hard to reprogram something as basic as breathing. Dr. Vranich "talks your brain into it," and then includes several simple and effective breathing exercises. An added plus: the book is available on Audible and is very well-narrated by the author.

Below is another great video that can get you started right now. In this ten-minute TEDx talk, Stacy Schuerman leads the audience through a five minute breathing exercise.

We hope you enjoyed these quick video pick-me-ups, and have found some nuggets to incorporate into your daily practice - and your daily breathing!

Photo by colourinfusion