Instructor - Dan Kimball, MC, LPC

Dan has been practicing kung fu and tai chi for over 15 years, and has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in Anthem since 2016.  

As a licensed professional counselor and recovery coach, Dan promotes tai chi as a “meditation in motion” that provides relaxation, healing and wellness as a mindfulness practice.  



2009 Anthem Activity Guide Featuring Sifu Franklin Wood's Kung Fu Class.

My Journey


Back in 2008 I was working out at the Anthem Community Center when I saw Sifu Franklin Wood teaching tai chi down on the basketball court. As he did everyday, he was dressed in traditional kung fu clothing, with a mala around his neck, so he really stood out, and I was very curious about his classes. 

I joined the School of Tao Chi and practiced kung fu and tai chi every week, learning the forms, weapons and the fighting arts, while helping other students in the class.  We entered many local tournaments, and eventually to the nationals in Las Vegas. We always came home with several trophies, as everyone was very dedicated.

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The Endless Journey

I became a Certified Instructor of Yang Style Tai Chi under Grandmaster Sifu Franklin Wood in 2016.  Since then I have furthered my kung fu and tai chi  training at the 9 Dragons Kung Fu Academy.

Current Ranks
Purple Belt
- 4th Stripe in Southern Style Kung Fu
under Master Trainer Sifu Michael Kaneen.

Black Belt- Certified Instructor Training Program
(Tai Chi/Qigong Internal Martial Arts)
under Master Trainer Simu Tamara Kaneen.

I enjoy teaching the following tai chi & qigong forms:
Wudang Yang 5 Element 8 Diagram Tai Chi
108 Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 
5 Element 6 Healing Sounds Qigong
8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong
Wadang Tai Chi Sword
Tai Chi Fan Form
Standing Meditation

I enjoy practicing the following forms:
Hung Ga Kung Fu 108 5 Animal Combination
5 Brother Fighting Staff
Broadsword Form
8 Immortal Sword
Bagua Deer Antler Knives

Phoenix Chinese Cultural Festival

Competing at the 2019 Phoenix Tai Chi Tournament.

Instructor Kimball

2020 Graduation - Certified Instructor Training Program at 9 Dragons Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy.