Anthem Tai Chi – November Newsletter


The cooler weather has finally arrived, giving us a powerful reason to pause and reflect on what we are grateful for. As you’ll see below, November brings many inspiring and rejuvenating opportunities to add to that list.  

November Qigong: 

First and foremost, consider signing up for the Friday Qigong class in November. As October’s class draws to a close, many participants are noticing physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. Because Qigong practice is learned so quickly, you can achieve a mindful focus almost immediately and will soon feel the benefits

Qigong is an incredibly powerful tool for cultivating your internal energy, or life force. For November will will be adding the playful “Five Animal Frolics.” The class will be held four Fridays in November, skipping the week of Thanksgiving.

 Sign up today 

Please Note:  There will be no qigong class in December.

Other November Highlights: 
  • Anthem Civic Building holiday closings: 
    ♦ Nov 9 - 11 - Saturday through Monday closure for Veterans Day. 
    Nov 28-30 - Thursday through Saturday closure for Thanksgiving. 

  • Nov 10 - 2019 American Martial Arts Championship, hosted by the Shaolin Cultural Center of Arizona.
  • Nov 12 – The full moon labyrinth walk at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center begins at 7pm. 
  • Nov 19 – The Sun City Tai Chi Club is hosting Grandmaster Franklin Wood, who will discuss the benefits of Tai Chi for managing arthritis and will lead an hour-long singing bowls meditation.  

For those of you interested in our Tai Chi and Qigong t-shirts, NEW designare available now, as shown in the photos below.

Qigong Highlight for November
Zhan Zhuang (Standing Like a Tree)

One of the most powerful ways of cultivating your energy is the meditation practice of Zhan Zhuang, or "Standing like a Tree."  In the internal energy arts, it is often the simple practices requiring the least effort that are the most powerful. Zhan Zhuang qigong is sometimes referred to as Wuji Posture, a Taoist concept that refers to an original state of unity and wholeness. 

Body Posture

Stand upright, relax your body and mind, and breathe deeply.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and the sacrum tucked in.

Raise and round out the arms as if holding a large ball. Breathe into your lower dantien.  

Relax, center your body and mind and get in touch with the silence and stillness underlying everything.

Despite having no outward movements, this is a highly energetic exercise. Zhan Zhuang develops the internal energy of not using any energy to move the body.  Standing still allows you to find your central equilibrium internally, “the still center around which external movement revolves.”

Starting out you may experience some muscle fatigue and trembling, and even sweating. But once sufficient stamina and strength have been developed, this practice will allows tensions to fall away, so the qi can circulate more freely. This is because tension blocks the flow of qi.  It is suggested to begin with 5-10 seconds daily and work up your stamina to tolerate between 2 minutes and 30 minutes.  

While standing in the correct posture, breathe deeply with eyes closed until you are calm and centered.  There are eight key words for describing the breathing during this exercise to help your qigong practice

Calm -  Slender - Deep - Long - Continuous - Uniform - Slow - Soft.      

These movements, visualizations and breathing exercises promote the healing flow of qi energy. 

Remember to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth as it connects major energy channels in your body.

See a 10 Day Practice on Youtube

NEW! Anthem Tai Chi / Qigong Library

This month I will compile a list of select tai chi and qigong books and movies for students to check out for free.  These will help you learn more about specific aspects of tai chi or medical qigong that may interest you.

American Martial Arts Championship