Relieve Stress with Qigong Body Tapping

If you have practiced Qigong, either in one of our classes or elsewhere, you may be familiar with the body tapping technique. Body tapping has been used by martial arts practitioners for many years.

Body tapping itself is not difficult to do - but the effects are multi-layered, and the benefits are significant.

On the most obvious level, body tapping relieves stress, soothes muscles, and gets the blood flowing. At a deeper level, it stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your body remove toxins. At the same time, it engages the body's meridians (and the flow of energy, orĀ qi) by tapping on acupressure points and the body's joints.

In addition to these health benefits, the simple movements and meditative tempo from the tapping technique make it enjoyable and relaxing. It is a healthy practice anybody can enjoy, regardless of their age or physical strength. Dan uses it daily as part of his morning meditation and workout.

Qigong practitioners can use their own hands for tapping, or they can use a bamboo tapping brush, pictured here. Speaking from personal experience, once you have tapped with the brush it is hard to give it up. Below is a video of Grand Master Dr. Puquan Xiao from the Yangtze Medical Center in Phoenix explaining and then demonstrating the patting technique using his hands.

A Note About Equipment: All you really need to engage in Qigong tapping is your hands. However, if you are interested in owning your own Qigong tapping brush, here are two good options. Expect to wait awhile for both, as the shipping takes a few weeks: